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Creating A Conservative Candidate Platform For The Next Election!

No person’s insistence of an idea makes it engaging until it meets with some approval and scrutiny of their peers. This discussion is an attempt to form an organization that has a plan with merit that without doubt, each issue has a in-depth discussion to seek the middle and this requires professionals in each area of expertise to validate the thought process, through their professional opinion or scrutiny with a description of that opinion or scrutiny. Adding additional nuances that improve on the original intent is commendable. This attempt to build an organization is to help insure like-minded people who are willing to become part of this organizational team, will have a venue to help further the agenda , which will design a complete platform for any conservative candidates.

This is a format for in depth consideration of collective ideas and not for complaints from opposing party affiliations about the issues being discussed in this forum. To start the discussion I have provided eleven issues, which is not to say that there are not more, it just means I have put together 11-and would like to begin the discussion there, one issue at a time and see where it leads. Due to the length of the material it must be placed in blog format. If you would like to contribute, you can do so on the blog or, in the LinkedIn format. But each time define the topic and then contribute with your opinion.
The eleven issues are:

1. Political:
2. Economics
3. Legal
4. Accounting
5. Military
6. Medical
7. Social economic
8. Scientific
9. Education
10. Movement Planning
11. Productivity

1. Political: A snippet of opinion: It seems that the thoughts of most Americans are consumed with the thought that someone else is responsible for them and constantly look to others for answers and try to find a likely person to blame for all transgressions they suffer. It seems like a spell has been cast over America and many walk in a fog of ignorance. It is time to regain our values and the senses to deliver our-selves from those transgressions. The organization would like to offer some food for thought on this subject. It will suggest first the questions and then provide answers.

2. Economist’s snippet: Review an immediate answer for the short term and then a plan for the long term. For the short term there are approximately 500,000 below poverty American’s in this country who could be offered a chance to earn an $80 thousand dollar 401-K for their retirement, that would consist of the following: Everyone at poverty or below and at age 65 years or older, or those with medical conditions preventing them from ever working, would be offered assisted living and that physicality would be awarded the 401-k money for 4 years of care. At the 4-year mark an additional appropriations plan for that group would be established. Everyone else at or below poverty level who is capable of working would be entitled to the program provided they receive training for job, get placement; utilizing the training programs that are now funded by government. After graduating they must hold a job. They must contribute a minimum of $10 dollars per month to the $80-thousand dollar 401-K starting within 2 years of graduating from their training.

The funds to pay for this program will be provided in suggestions of the group.

3. Legal: A snippet: No attorney would be entitled to any of the settlement money the state and county would pay the prosecution and defense attorney’s fee. Attorneys would bid on that representation, low bid to win. Any physician causing death to a patient would not be allowed to practice further, provided guilt of negligence was proven and the court issued a judgment. The next step would be down from the death benefit received by any family for other complications caused by doctors or staff at hospitals; No doctor could practice after they have been found guilty of causing two lesser improperly performed procedures where guilt was found and a judgment was awarded to the patient. No doctor or hospital would be required to purchase insurance of any kind and any judgment awarded to any patient would be paid through the fund created in each local area. That fund will be defined by the group.

4. Accountants: A snippet: A team of Accountants to examine leaving the tax cuts of 2008 in place but adding the following condition. These tax cuts remain as they are for people and companies who outsource jobs at a rate of 0% to 10% outside the United States. All other companies who outsource more than 10% will not be allowed to have the tax cuts. Any company outsourcing more than 10% and or showing no taxable income will pay a flat fee of 10% of their gross. A family of one male 18 years or older who is his own sole provider and does not live with any other person will pay no income tax up to $30,000 per year provided he has not fathered a child or children. If he has fathered a child or children he will pay an amount equal to 15% of his yearly income to the guardian of that child and in the case of multiple children 15% for each child will be paid to the legal guardian of those children. A women who has had a child out of wedlock will pay no income taxes up to $30,000 per year and will be required to set up a 401-k account inaccessible to, or by anyone except the child and only then when the child reaches 18 years of age, who is using it for university tuition or, when that child reaches the age of 65 years.

5. Military experts: A snippet: Americans have a military that is so down sized and ill supplied and ill trained that they are sent into battle without proper armor and are expected to provide tasks, which they have not been trained to perform; America has the most advanced robotic technology on earth and yet we have not produced lead vehicles to provide reconnaissance on the ground that can guarantee safe passage for the troops that follow. Yet America announces the ability to retrieve rocks from far away planets. Further, we will surround any country who wishes us harm or our allies with a missile defense system and that includes the countries Obama has seen fit to remove.

6. Medical experts: A snippet: Medical professionals will formulate flat fee based hospitals. Hospitals that pay the best scale to the staff according to their experience that would attract the best talent who themselves could also teach, which would inspire promotion within. Starting from the medical Chief of Staff and going down. The physician holding the Chief of Staff title would receive a yearly salary that would equal the industry standard per year provided every member of the staff treated every patient properly and timely. There would be a monetary penalty for any derelict of duty up to and including termination of any staff member including the Chief of Staff. An environment of productivity would be rewarded and dereliction would be penalized. Illegal aliens would not receive medical care.

7. Social economic professors and majors: A snippet: Hate has been brewing between cultures in the United States that makes a breeding ground possible for outsiders who wish all Americans harm. It is time to change society beginning with these following things: To rebuild a society that is strong again with values that all choose to adopt and are not dictated. The FCC will no longer be the guardian of American morality. If smut is present, then Americans will advise their families accordingly and take morality back into the home and around the dinner table. The responsibility for family’s morals begins with each parent; and when the parent is unwilling to take aggressive action with their child, aggressive action will be levied.

8. Scientists: A snippet: Americans will correct the biggest injustice ever created in the world.

America has been lead by the minority billionaire families of the world to this point. That brotherhood has created and presented strange bedfellows, which has not surprisingly provided opportunity for the same privileged few. The reason America is still tied to fossil fuels and combustion engines is money and deals made behind closed doors that provide this narrow elitist group opportunity. The concern of greenhouse gases is not a matter of concern if and when it interferes with the production of money. When this problem is fixed with hydrogen for cars and other alternative fuels the rogue countries that mean America harm will suffer in face of a dying market. Our use of oil will be seen in the future as an outrage to every American that they allowed such rape to the planet in order to build the bank accounts of the few. The problem has to be approached from the short term to help manage for the long term. The first order of the day with group contributing support; there is going to be a 500 million dollar reward paid to the person or company who can develop a device that can be adapted to the cars and trucks, which are now owned by all Americans. This device will extend the gas mileage to a minimum of 50 miles per gallon for the biggest gas-guzzler and up from there. This technology developed by an individual or company will be tooled and manufactured with a grant from the federal government fund. This fund is described by the group.

9. Top educators, Teachers and Professors: A snippet: Academics will once again be America’s prime objective. To promote students ahead of their academic level because of the way they play a game or their ethnicity is over. The teachers and professors of the United States of America are going to be a coveted highly rewarded profession. The impersonators who may hold these positions now are finished with the degradation of our students.

10. Persons with organizational education and movement planning individuals who have the ability to use the Internet and other media to raise money for the organization to spread the word are needed.

11. Productivity, hard work and commitment will be rewarded regardless of your culture. Criminal activity, scams and free rides will not be tolerated, from the government officials down and they will not go unpunished. New hope and integrity will be instilled in Americans.

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At 12:29 PM, Blogger David Tippie said...

To the coward that has commented with no name (Nap Warrior) please find another outlet to vent your anger for a society that failed to give you everything you wanted. I was very specific about the contribution to this blog you are disrespecting it with your spewing of liberalism.

At 11:39 AM, Blogger Boone said...

I find some of your ideas interesting. However I do think that there should be a flat tax rather than the current system of taxing. If there was a flat tax everyone would pay the right amount based on their income and things would be fair. I hate that the big businesses and the rich get away with all kinds of tax breaks while the working poor are left to fend for themselves in an unfair system.

At 2:37 PM, Blogger David Tippie said...

Boone I tend to agree with you, a flat tax should be made part of the conservative movement. Thanks for your input.


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